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Semiconductor in the Second Half of the Year

??Semiconductor supply chain continues to adjust inventory, the second quarter of the industry is still in a downturn, only a few manufacturers in the second quarter of the results can be more significant growth, most of the industry is looking forward to a substantial improvement in the second half of the year, the development of the us-china trade war is still the focus of attention.

??TSMC, umc and mediatek are among the major semiconductor manufacturers that have held corporate presentations. The IC design company's second-quarter operating outlook is optimistic, with quarterly revenue expected to rise between 13 percent and 21 percent.

??Mediatek's mobile computing platforms and growth products, including smart phones, tablet computer chips, Internet of things, power management chips and special application chips (ASIC), are expected to grow by double-digit percentage points in the second quarter, which is the main driver of mediatek's performance growth not less than the seasonal level in previous years.

??Wafer shipments are expected to rise 6 percent to 7 percent in the second quarter, while average selling prices will rise 3 percent. Revenue is expected to rise 9 percent to 10 percent in the second quarter.

??Just mediatek and umc exception, TSMC, points out that in the first quarter deferred delivery of wafer delivery pump, 2 revenue is expected to reach 7.55 billion to 7.65 billion dollars, quarter increased 7%, excluding the influence of the deferred delivery, the second quarter will be only a season 1 flat performance, economic factors and cell phone seasonal factors still exist.

??The company said its second-quarter operating outlook was "conservative" and that results would be "negative" rather than positive, with quarterly revenue of about nt $6.4 billion to nt $6.8 billion, down 1.5 percent to 7.3 percent.

??The semiconductor industry will bottom out in the first half of this year, has become the industry consensus, and the industry is expected to see a substantial improvement in the second half of the year. As expected by nansco, the DRAM price will continue to decline in the second quarter, but the decline is expected to be reduced. As the traditional peak season approaches in the third quarter, market supply and demand will balance.

??Wu minqiu, chairman of memory manufacturer wang hong, also said that the price of NOR Flash will still drop in the second quarter, and that if a deal can be reached in the second half of the year, the market situation of NOR Flash is expected to improve.

??Cb: the worst is over for semiconductors

??Spil chairman Lin wenbo also said recently that the worst of the semiconductor boom is over and the second half of the year should be better. In addition, in the first quarter of this year, the area of global semiconductor silicon wafer shipments showed a "double dip" pattern of quarterly decrease and annual decrease, and it also dropped to a five-quarter low, which triggered persistent doubts about inventory adjustment in the market. The international semiconductor industry association (SEMI) believes that the first quarter is only a temporary adjustment, and the industry will recover in the second half of this year.

??Lin wenbo has the reputation of "iron mouth of semiconductor boom". When spil held the law conference in the past, its view on semiconductor boom was regarded as an important wind direction for the legal person to judge the aftermarket of the industry. However, spil into the ase, no longer held law will say, "iron mouth law said talks boom" became the last sound. Yesterday, Mr Lim Shared his views on the semiconductor market again after attending the ceremony in which mediatek chief executive chua lai-hang was conferred honorary doctorate by the university of Hong Kong.

??Lin wenbo pointed out that the global economic climate this year is quite unstable, including the international situation and the exchange rate fluctuations are quite large. Coupled with the sino-us trade war stalemate, the impact of the crisis on raw materials also fluctuates.

??He stressed that, due to the overall semiconductor industry output value affected by fluctuations in memory is quite large, as long as DRAM prices fell 10%, the output value will fall a lot, but "when everyone look bad, should be the sentiment," valley, and in accordance with the current situation, electronic product order has gradually rebound, is slowly getting better, the second half of the overall semiconductor business should be better.

??In addition, SEMI yesterday released the latest semiconductor silicon wafer industry analysis report pointed out that in the first quarter of this year global silicon wafer delivery area of double drop, quarter decreased 5.6%, a 1% cut in, with a total area of 3.051 billion square inches, the second consecutive quarter of decline, and hitting a nearly five season to low, causing the market worried that the silicon wafer weakening demand, is a never ending inventory adjustment in the semiconductor.

??SEMI, the report says, smart phone, the server terminal demand, such as joint drag 12 inches fabs capacity utilization, mainly used in logic chips, memory chips, 12 inches of semiconductor silicon wafer loose spot prices first, start was turned down, the current price is still a big price pressure, only used in the power supply, automotive and other related products of 8 inches heavily doped silicon wafer demand is relatively stable.

??Charles tsao, global marketing director for SEMI and President of Taiwan, said global shipments of semiconductor silicon wafers fell only slightly at the start of the year from last year's all-time high, due to a seasonal slowdown and ongoing inventory adjustments in the industry. Nevertheless, the second half of the industry will be back to the temperature, with semiconductor silicon wafer shipments rising.

??Xu xiulan, chairman of global spherics, the world's third-largest semiconductor wafer maker, believes the industry has been quite healthy this year. She said this was a far cry from last year's frenzies of customers lining up to grab orders, but that the line was still full and only some customers were adjusting their inventory.

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